Thematic excursions

 “Mysteries of Russian money” – thematic tour which is devoted to legends and myths of national currency. All visitors will have a chance to find out what banknote was considered to be lucky; platinum coins - whether it’s false or true; when portrait of Vladimir Lenin was first placed on banknotes. Moreover every one can hold 5 kilo gold and 5 kilo silver coins.

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“Unknown ruble: time travel”  -  our guests will find out why kopek was minted much earlier than ruble and how the  currency of the future can look like. The mint and paper mill of the 18th century (working models) will give a chance to compare money production technologies of the past and future.

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«From where the money come from?» –  excursion is devoted to the banknote and coin production from the ancient time till the modern technologies of the 21st century. Why one of the first Russian coins got the name of fish scale?  Out of what material the first banknote paper was made of?  Is it easy to counterfeit the modern money? 

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Duration of excursions – 60–70 minutes

Price of excursion: 2000 rubles for the group up to 20 people and entrance ticket– 200 rubles per person.

Booking and more information by tel: +7 (812) 324-14-68, +7 (921) 415-25-34  or e-mail: