Excursions for kids

Thematic excursions for organized schoolchildren groups

 «When money was fluffy» (7–11 years). Duration – 40 minutes.

The kids will find out what kinds of money substitutes people were using in ancient Russia; how money looked like initially and why design of them was changed many times. 

2.1. Когда деньги были пушистыми.JPG

«From money substitutes to ATM» (12-14 years). Duration- 45 minutes.

When the first coins and banknotes were produced in Russian state? When we started to produce coins out of non-precious metals and what is the best raw material for banknote production? All  answers kids will get during this excursion. 

2.2. От пряслица к банкоматц.JPG

«Secrets of money production» (15-16 years). Duration - 45 minutes.

We will get known with main money and financial definitions, as well as Russian money production stages. What is watermark and metal thread?  Finally all kids will have a chance to print their own souvenir banknote.

2.3. Секреты денежного дела.jpg

 «Money in Russian history» (16-17 years). Duration - 60 minutes.

Why there was a need to change money? What was depicted on banknotes and coins of different period?  Why money was backed by copper, silver or gold, why face values changed in different periods? Political, economical and social changes reflect  design and reliability of national money.

2.4. Деньги в Российской истории.jpg

                                                                             «From where the money come from?» 

 Excursion is devoted to the banknote and coin production from the ancient time till the modern technologies of the 21st century. Why one of the first Russian coins got the name of fish scale?  Out of what material the first banknote paper was made of?  Is it easy to counterfeit the modern money?

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