Five kilograms of gold in one coin

[30.06.2016 00:00:00]

The unique giant coins – the gold and silver commemorative coins with the weight of 5 kilograms each – are on display at the History of Money Exposition. They are the biggest and heaviest coins ever produced in Russia. They were struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak.

The 5-kilogram gold commemorative coin is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Bank of Russia; it was issued in 2010. The coin face value is 50 thousand roubles (however, the market price exceeds the face value considerably). Its diameter is 13 cm, thickness is 2.3 cm. The artist is S.A. Kozlov, the sculptor is A.A. Dolgopolova.

The emblem of the Bank of Russia (a two-headed eagle with drooping wings) is depicted on the coin obverse; in a semi-circle below it, there are images of the state symbols used in the banknote and coin design since the time of foundation of the State Bank of Russia (varieties of the small state coat of arms of the Russian Empire, the emblems of the interjacent government, the state coat of arms of the RSFSR and variants of the state coat of arms of the USSR).

On the coin reverse, there is the building of the Central office of the State bank in Saint Petersburg in 1860 – 1918; in the foreground, there are two gryphons and fragments of Bankovskiy Bridge; in the top, in oval medallions, there are portraits of Alexander II in the center, and A.L. Shtiglits and E.I. Lomanskiy, the first State bank managers, on each side.

The “150th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia” 5-kilogram coin was minted in 50 pieces only. It was produced of pure gold.

The 5-kilogram silver coin was minted in the same number of 50 pieces. It was issued by the Bank of Russia in the framework of the “200th Anniversary of Victory of Russia in the Patriotic war of 1812”. Itsface value is 500 roubles (the market price is much higher). The coin diameter is 15 cm, its thickness is 3.27 cm. The artists are A.A. Brynza (obverse) and S.V. Sutyagin (reverse). It was modeled by A.N. Bessonov.

The coin obverse features the emblem of the Bank of Russia. On the reverse, there is a scene of Borodino Battle; in the top next to the ridge, there is an image of the ikon of Smolensk Mother of God; in the bottom, there is a shako above the crossed weapons, standards and military ammunition.

The coin was minted of sterling silver.