For the general public for the first time ever

[30.06.2016 00:00:00]

Many objects displayed in the History of Money Exposition are demonstrated to the general public for the first time ever.

Those are extremely rare coins from Goznak’s collection – the rouble of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich of 1654, gold coins of the 18th century, the first Russian assignations and their trial samples. Projects of the state banknotes of the model of 1843; projects of commemorative coins approved by Emperor Nikolay II; project drawings of the soviet banknotes of the 1920s – 1940s with the portraits of statesmen, scientists and military leaders; trial coins of 1995 and 1998 are exhibited.

The visitors will also be able to see the unique tools for coin and medal minting of the 18th – 20th centuries applied at the Saint-Petersburg Mint and paper money printing equipment of the 19th century.