How Napoleon was issuing Russian money

[26.09.2017 14:39:25]

Bank in Saint-Petersburg. 1834.
State banknote. 50 rubles. Counterfeited by Napoleons’ army.
Not much of paper money of 18th - beginning of 19th are known today. They were printed on thin paper and were ink signed by the headquarters of the bank. Nevertheless among these non high designed and protected money some outstanding samples could be found.  “Outstanding” money was printed on better paper, signatures were made not by hand but typographically and plenty of mistakes in Russian were done.
They were issued due to the order of Napoleon - French army planned to use them on the territory of Russian empire after invasion. The major aim was to misbalance and destroy national economy.
“Napoleon” money was printed in Paris. Great number of fake banknotes to the amount of more than 5,5 million of rubles was identified during 1813-1817. It was a huge sum. In our museum it is possible to see the original banknotes as well counterfeited (with face value 25 and 50 rubles of 1810 and 1808).