Money made of silver wire

[26.09.2017 14:26:36]

Coins minted of wire got the name of “fish scales”. Coins are small but nevertheless very often have “rich” design – not only people but also fantastic animals are minted on them.
After a long break the coinage in Ancient Rus’ started since the end of 14th century. Coins were minted in almost all Russian cities. They were made of silver and copper.
Russian coins of 15th century are amazing – dukes, horseman, warriors, fantastic animals are depicted on them. For example, copper coins of Tver’ had an image of mint master.
Russian coinage of that period differed much from European one. In Europe coin blanks were cut out of metal lists.
In ancient Rus’ silver wire of exact diameter was cut into pieces and every fragment was smashed with hammer. Afterwards coin blanks were placed between two punches and it was smashed again – coin was ready. It looked like watermelon seed or fish scale. Since the end of 14th till the beginning of 18th century coins were minted from silver wire.
All instrument of Ancient Rus’ coinage is on display as well as “fish scale” coins.