Karl Marx on soviet money

[26.09.2017 14:24:29]

Not only money but also design projects are on display on the temporary exhibition “From kerenka to sovznak: money and revolution”. Among them are designs of 1918 with new symbolic.
It was necessary to choose new money symbolic after October revolution of 1917. New soviet money was supposed to correspond to the high quality of the last imperial banknotes.
Design projects of 250, 500 and 1000 rubles presumably have a portrait of Karl Marx.  His portrait was supposed to be a watermark also. There is inscription on the banknote: “Credit notes are freely exchanged by the state bank for gold coins and ensured by republic assets”. By 1918 this inscription lost its truth and reliability.
Money with the portrait of Karl Marx was not issued.  Production of new soviet money faced plenty of technological difficulties.  First money of new regime had very simple design eventually.