Records of our museum

[26.09.2017 14:50:39]

The biggest Russian coins – 5 kilo gold and silver coins minted in the 21st century by St.Petersburg mint are on display. Among exhibits are the smallest coins as well.
For example, silver 5 kopeks in the beginning of the 19th century was about 1 gram. By the end of 19th- beginning of 20th centuries copper coins  ¼ of kopek were 0,82 grams. Silver wire kopeks of 16th-18th centuries were 0,28 grams. Even these were not the smallest one.
In 16th-17th centuries silver “polushka” (1/4 of kopek) was  0,1 - 0,18  grams.
Just imagine - if one coin had an average weight of 0,12 grams it means that it was possible to mint more than  8 thousand of coins out of 1 kilo of silver!