[31.07.2020 15:08:05]

The Russian money museum has launched on its website a system of preliminary booking of entrance tickets. Only those tickets that have not been previously booked will be available for free sale.

To make a visit to the museum safe and comfortable, we have limited the number of guests who can stay at the same time. Therefore, the sale of admission tickets to the museum is organized by sessions, the maximum number of tickets per session is thirty. Pre-booking of tickets gives a guarantee that you will be able to visit the museum exactly at the time you choose.

In order to book tickets, you need to click "Book a ticket" on the museum website in the "Tickets" section. Then - choose the date on which you want to come to the museum; choose the number of tickets and the time interval. As a result, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation.

Please note: when booking your entry ticket, you must come to the museum at least 30 minutes before the end of the session.

You will need to show (or tell) the booking number to the cashier - and buy a ticket. We recommend using contactless payment.

It will be possible to buy tickets without prior booking only if there are available tickets for the sessions.

We remind you that the museum now has temporary rules of visit, according to which, in particular, all guests must wear masks and gloves.