First Soviet commemorative coin: ruble for the 20th anniversary of Victory

[07.05.2020 22:50:47]

On May 9, 1965, a parade dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Victory was held on Red Square. It was the first parade after the famous  parade of 1945. For the first time after a 20-year break Victory Day was widely celebrated throughout the country. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR May 9 was declared a day off. An anniversary medal was issued for awarding veterans. Also at the Leningrad mint was minted a ruble dedicated to the anniversary date - the first commemorative coin of the Soviet Union.

On April 28, 1965 a commemorative ruble dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was issued into circulation. The first commemorative Soviet coin was made of copper-nickel alloy and minted with circulation of 60 million copies. Thus, the owner of such a coin could become almost every fourth resident of the Soviet Union. The issue of the coin in such a mass circulation contributed to the preservation of historical memory about the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The author of the obverse of the coin was the artist N.A. Sokolov, the reverse of the coin was A.V. Kozlov. Since earlier there was no experience of minting commemorative coins, before choosing the final version, searches were conducted for the optimal design, size, material. In the Russian money museum the trial variants from neizilber and melchior are presented. They have different diameters (27 or 31 mm) and differ in design. As a result, a memorable ruble with a diameter of 31 mm came into circulation, which was 4 mm larger than the usual ruble.

The coat of arms of the USSR and denomination are placed on the obverse of the commemorative coin. On the reverse is the image of the monument "Warrior-liberator", opened in Treptow Park in Berlin in 1949 (by the way, the same monument was depicted on the anniversary medal, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Victory). In preparation of the coin different design options were considered. For example, on the commemorative ruble could appear the image of a salute on the background of the Kremlin. Commemorative date - May 9, 1965 is minted on the edge of the issued coin.

The memorable ruble and test coins, dedicated to the 20th  anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, are presented in the museum - in the main exposition and in the new exhibition "Victory Signs".