Vladimir Adrianov: from compass to chervonets

[22.04.2020 22:22:41]

Artist and cartographer Vladimir Adrianov started to collaborate with Goznak in  1922. Sketches of the first Soviet chervonets and the State Emblem of the USSR were created by him.

Chervonets was issued in 1922. In contrast to the unsecured soviet signs, chervonets was backed by gold and was highly quoted not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market. Therefore, a special design was chosen which looked like British pound - the most stable currency of the time. It was supposed to place detailed texts on them, made with a font stylized for the italics. So it is not surprising that it was Adrianov, the cartographer, who was entrusted with the creation of sketch designs of new money.

Goznak's collection has preserved the original sketches of chervonets, made by Vladimir Adrianov in 1922. The final version was approved by representatives of the People's Commissariat of Finance and the State Bank. In the same year, the new chervonets went into circulation.

No less popularity  Adrianov received due to the participation in the creation of a sketch of the State Emblem of the USSR. In 1923, according to the composition of Adrianov, the coat of arms sketch was performed by another military cartographer - Korzun. Other artists of Goznak offered their variants of the coat of arms, for example, Dreyer. However, it was Adrianov's project that was used as the basis for the coat of arms, which was later refined by Dubasov. He also carried out the final, approved versions of the coat of arms drawing.

In addition to creating sketches of the сhervonets and participation in the drafting of the USSR coat of arms  Adrianov has performed many other interesting works. For example, he owns a special type, which is still used on documents (passports and savings books). Even before the revolution, Adrianov created a model of army wrist compass, which was named after its creator. Adrianov's compass is still used in the Russian army.