Venus on a watermark

[21.04.2020 22:39:30]

In March 1955, a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was signed to pass the treasures of the Dresden Art Gallery, taken from Germany to Moscow after the Great Patriotic War. At the same time Goznak received an unusual task - to make a copy of the famous painting by the Venetian artist Giorgione "Sleeping Venus" of the XVI century. The copy was to be made in the form of a watermark, and the painting itself was to return to Dresden.

The task was assigned to the artist Margarita Vysotskaya, who had worked in Goznak since 1946. In order to create a paper with a watermark, it was necessary at the beginning to perform a wax relief - lithophany. The technique of lithophany production is very complex and requires a lot of experience and high skill of the artist. The work on the lithophany was successfully carried out and recognized as the best work of Goznak for 1955. Vysotskaya herself was awarded the prize of the USSR Ministry of Finance. The lithophany was used to produce a metal drawing form for manual paper casting, after which sheets of paper with a watermark were cast using this form.