The banknotes could have had an obelisk of the Soviet Constitution.

[20.04.2020 22:10:36]

Two projects of 1924 banknotes made by artists of Goznak Dmitry Galyadkin and Alexander Yakimchenko depict an obelisk of the Soviet Constitution with a sculpture symbolizing Freedom, an interesting monument that has not reached our days. These sketches were not implemented.

In April 1918, the Soviet government issued a decree "On Monuments of the Republic", which should have removed the monuments founded "in honor of the kings and their servants", not representing historical and artistic value, and to implement instead sculptures designed to "mark the great days of the Russian socialist revolution. «A monumental propaganda» according to the Leninist plan began.

As part of the implementation of the plan in August 1918 was announced a competition for the creation of a monument that would perpetuate the revolution in Moscow on Soviet (since 1993 - Tverskaya) Square. The place opposite the Mossovet building (now the Moscow Mayor's Office building) was vacant after the monument to Russian commander M.D. Skobelev was destroyed by the new government on May 1, 1918.

The competition for the best design of the new monument was won by the architect-constructivist Dmitry Osipov. The 26-meter-high obelisk, the basement of which was decorated with plywood sheets with excerpts from the first Soviet constitution, was founded on the first anniversary of the revolution. A year later, the monument was decorated with a concrete figure of a winged girl in antique clothes, reminiscent of Nika Samofrakiyskaya by Nikolai Andreev.

By the way, in 1924, Osipov placed the obelisk of the Soviet Constitution on a drawing of the Moscow coat of arms. "The obelisk against the star, which is the first revolutionary monument of the RSFSR in memory of the October Revolution" stayed on the official coat of arms of the capital until 1993.

Much earlier, the monument itself was destroyed. On the night from 20 to 21 April 1941, workers laid explosives under the sculpture and in an instant the obelisk was gone. According to the official version, the dilapidated monument "did not correspond to the architectural ensemble" of Gorky Street under reconstruction.

In 1922, when Goznak's specialists were working on new Soviet banknotes, several sketches of banknotes with his image were prepared. However, they remained unfulfilled: the final choice was made in favor of the image of the sculptures of Ivan Shadr, which soon appeared on the banknotes.