Bells - money of the Civil War

[19.04.2020 10:57:50]

The Russian money museum possesses a rich collection of money from the Civil War. Among them are the so-called "Denikin’s money" issued in 1919 (tickets of the General Command of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia).

The money of the Civil War period is a special theme in Russian bonistics. In 1918 - 1922 on the territory of the former Russian Empire appeared several thousand kinds of new paper money, which were issued by "white" and "red" authorities in the field. Even consumer societies and shops printed their money. Among all this variety were banknotes issued in huge circulation and walking on large territories.

In 1919, as a result of the merger of the Voluntary Army and the Great Don Army, the Armed Forces of Southern Russia under the command of Anton Denikin were formed. In the newly occupied territories Denikin's army was met by the local population with the tsarist and soviet money, money of the Provisional Government and etc.

The commander-in-chief made attempts to unify money circulation, to legalize a single emission right on the land under his control. The wartime situation was constantly changing and not always in Denikin's favor, so no serious changes in money circulation took place.  However, in 1919, new "Denikin's" money appeared - tickets of the General Command of the Armed Forces of Southern Russia.

They were printed in large quantities and in various denominations. The money depicted numerous symbols - double-headed eagles, views of Moscow, women, symbolizing Russia.

The most peculiar design had 1,000-ruble tickets. On their front side above is a sign of the Order of St. George, on the sides of which diverges bright George ribbons. In the lower left corner is the Tsar Bell, and in the right corner - the coat of arms of Moscow with the image of George the Victorious. These banknotes, as usual at that time, were immediately called "ribbons" or "bells" by the people. Since "Denikin’s money" was printed in large circulation, today such "bells" can be found in almost any collection of banknotes of the Civil War. In the collection of Goznak they are also kept and samples of these banknotes are exhibited in the Museum of "Goznak" JSC in Anna Cavalier of Peter and Paul Fortress.