Goznak during the war: rational cards

[18.04.2020 10:03:43]

During the Great Patriotic War Goznak, among other printing houses of the USSR, participated in the production of bread, rational and industrial cards. The collection of Goznak has preserved their samples made at the Moscow printing factory of Goznak for Moscow, as well as at the Krasnokamsk printing factory of Goznak - for the Molotov (Perm) region.

After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the card system for bread and food products - meat, fish, fats, cereals and pasta - was introduced in Moscow and Leningrad, as well as in suburban areas of Moscow and Leningrad regions. The resolution of the Soviet government about it was issued on July 18, 1941.

By November 1941, the transition to the card supply system was gradually implemented in most of the Soviet Union. At the same time, the government maintained firm prices for products of normalized supply of the population.

The whole population was attached to bread and grocery stores. At the same time, the main form of supply of Soviet citizens during the war was the system of closed distribution, i.e. through the departments of workers' supply at enterprises and transport, which were formed in early 1942.

Depending on the population categories, the cards were divided into groups, the main of which were: workers and persons equated to them (engineering and technical workers of industrial enterprises, workers of communication and transport, etc.); employees and persons equated to them; dependents and persons equated to them; children under 12 years old.

For those who needed enhanced and dietary food, products sold as dietary meals were sold in excess of the cards. Additional products were also sold in the form of diet lunches to feed the sick in medical institutions over and above the cards. Cards were issued to blood donors according to the group of workers, regardless of which population group they belonged to. In addition, high-calorie meals and certificates for special rationing were issued on blood donation days.

Cards for different parts of the USSR were printed at different printing houses. Goznak printed cards for Moscow - at the Moscow printing plant, as well as for the Molotov (Perm) region - in Kramnokamsk, where the Moscow printing plant was evacuated. The funds of Goznak have preserved samples of cards for different categories of population for different product groups. Some of them can be seen at the exhibition "Victory Signs", which the Russian money museum plans to open in the halls of the House of Stock Capital.