Gold chervonets (1925)

This coin demonstrates unique sample представляет собой редчайшую пробу с гербом СССР (до этого червонцы чеканились с гербом РСФСР)




13 January
«Nature reserve» on “Save our world» coins October 4th  is the World Day of the Protection of Animals. Commemorative coins of the series "Save our world", produced to draw attention to the problem of preservation and protection of rare animal species.
13 January
"RED ARMY" ON STAMPS AND BANKNOTES In one of the showcases of the Museum of the History of Money is a sketch - an image of the sculpture "Red Army soldier"  by Ivan Shadr. This drawing was made in 1922 for postage stamps of the RSFSR.
13 January
THE ST. PETERSBURG MINT IS 295 YEARS OLD! December 12 is a special day for employees of the St. Petersburg Mint, the oldest enterprise in Goznak.
This date is to some extent conditional. There is no doubt only that the first coins in St. Petersburg were minted 295 years ago - in 1724. They were silver rubles with the profile of Peter the Great, on which the letters "S." were placed. "P.B." - to indicate where they were minted. Since then, for almost 300 years in St. Petersburg - Petrograd - Leningrad - St. Petersburg coins have been minting.

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