Silver ruble of 1654

Monument to the unsuccessful monetary reform of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. In fact, this is the first ruble not as a counting concept, but as a minted coin

Trial coins on the centenary of the birth of Lenin

The Goznak collection contains unique trial gold coins, which were supposed to be minted in 1970

Gold chervonets (1925)

This coin demonstrates unique sample представляет собой редчайшую пробу с гербом СССР (до этого червонцы чеканились с гербом РСФСР)




23 September
SOVIET COINS MINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN The exhibition "Soviet Coins: From the NEP to Perestroika" presents the tools for the soviet coins  minted in Great Britain in 1924.
In February of 1924 the first Soviet coins were put into circulation marking the final stage of the monetary reform of 1922-1924. Minting silver coins with the coat of arms of the RSFSR was "in stock" since 1921. And in 1924 were developed and minted coins with the coat of arms of the Soviet Union - copper and silver ones. The first coins of the USSR were minted not only at the Leningrad Mint.  The order to mint silver and copper coins was placed at the London mint in 1924.
30 June
Five years with you On July 1, 2021 it will be five years since the Russian money museum of "Goznak" JSC was opened. On this day all guests of the museum when buying tickets will receive a token "In memory of a visit to the museum" as a gift.
23 June
New prices for guided tours at the Russian Money Museum Starting July 1, 2021, the cost of guided tours will change. The price of admission tickets will remain the same and all benefits will remain.

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